Saturday, 1 January 2011

Other books read in 2010

It was an extremely busy year for me. I read less and with the following titles was disinclined to comment, either because they were for research (and I've not included a score or so of titles on museums) or because my views on the authors had been made clear on previous occasions. Although not given to Resolutions in the New Year, I do hope to be able to read more in the coming months.

The City Of Shifting Waters – Jean-Claude Mézières & Pierre Christin
Murder – With Love! – Jack Trevor Story
The Late Anglo-Saxon Army - I P Stephenson
Tank Girl Two – Hewlett & Martin
Season of the Skylark – Jack Trevor Story
Lewes Past - Helen Poole
Beginning Theory - Barry
Zones of Chaos – Mick Farren
The Drowning Pool - Ross Macdonald
Violent Ward - Len Deighton
The Way Some People Die - Ross Macdonald
The Ivory Grin - Ross Macdonald
Vacation With Fear - Jack Trevor Story
Protection For A Lady - Jack Trevor Story
Find A Victim - Ross Macdonald
Alexandria - Lindsey Davis
The Barbarous Coast - Ross Macdonald
The Coming of the Terraphiles - Michael Moorcock
Profundis – Richard Cowper
Full Dark House – Christopher Fowler
The Water Room – Christopher Fowler
Seventy-Seven Clocks – Christopher Fowler
Bananas – ed Emma Tennant
The Mind Of J G Reeder – Edgar Wallace